Client Testimonials

I reached out to Muna after seeing one of her clients on IG smashing out new skills & exceeding all of their goals. I’d gotten to a point in my jump rope sessions where I couldn’t decide what to focus on next & for me, living such a busy lifestyle I was majorly lacking structure in all of my sessions. Muna totally understood from the get go what I needed, giving me continual accountability week on week, goal setting & heaps of positive reinforcement! My mental health, confidence & fitness has improved massively, PLUS all of the new skills I’ve learned that I never thought possible! Muna’s coaching is the most invaluable investment I’ve made to date and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough to ANYONE looking to level up their jump rope game!


I had been jumping for about 5 months when I contacted Muna for a 1:1 coaching. I specifically wanted to work on my double unders as I was already feeling hopeless that I still couldn’t do consecutive DUs after months of trying. My form was bad, my wrists rotation timing was off, couldn’t jump higher, knees bending etc. During my first few sessions with her, she corrected all my errors and pointed out what I was doing wrong.

And FINALLY, after 2 weeks of 1:1 sessions, I was able to do 7 consecutive DUs. 7 DUs may not be a lot, but it was already a milestone for me haha! I couldn’t believe that I could unlock it in just a matter of 5 sessions with her. And the following week, I was able to increase it to 15 consecutive DUs. Wooohooo! And just recently, I was able to do up to 42 with proper form and breathing. My form & stamina has improved a lot (no more excessive arm movements, no gasping for air). I became conscious of my posture every time I jump, keeping in mind all the things I learned from Muna.

I like that she gives me tasks to do on my free time so i could drill combos & practice on my own. She also gives helpful tips on other tricks and moves which I really appreciate. She’ll send me slow-mo videos that are really helpful when I’m trying to learn a new move (hello Mamba). I get to watch these videos over and over again until I master it. Every time I watch Muna’s jump rope videos, it pushes me to work harder and my motivation grows stronger to be like her one day. Haha! Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

She made our jumping sessions enjoyable & fun, a patient coach to a beginner like me, and very supportive to her clients. Looking forward to unlocking more tricks and moves with her! If you’re considering coaching with Muna, don’t think twice! Just go for it 


I struggle to follow jump rope video tutorials, so having one-to-one coaching with Muna via Zoom has made a huge difference to my learning. Somehow she manages to say, or show, or describe the right thing that triggers a light bulb in my head, and then… ping! I’ve got it!! Her tailor-made exercise plans has helped to build strength in my glutes, knees and ankles. Her jump rope routines are so much fun (and challenging), that I look forward to these every month!

- Jimi

I had been jump roping for about 5 months before reaching out to Muna for help. Prior to meeting with her, I had been self-taught and felt like I was lacking focus in each of my workout sessions and confidence in the skills I had “unlocked”. Muna and I worked together on improving my double under skills, which I had been avoiding because I was so intimidated by them. In just a few short weeks, I learned multiple double under variations and gained soooo much confidence in myself and my ability to share my learnings with others! I cannot praise Muna enough for all that she’s helped me to accomplish and know that she can help YOU accomplish your goals too!

I contacted Muna to work on my double under skills. At that time, I could do the regular double unders but it was hard for me to get consistent ones every time. It was always a matter of chance. I could do probably one DUX and really bad southpaw doubles. After just six sessions, my regular double under form has dramatically improved. I can do an easy 25-40 doubles and even reached 50 once. She also helped me correct my southpaw doubles form and helped me get my first consecutive DUXs. Now I can even transition from one DU to another variation.  After these sessions, I have become a double under addict. All thanks to MUNA!


I was at my all time heaviest weight in March 2021. Like most of us during this pandemic there weren't a lot of things to do which made it hard to keep myself motivated. After seeing the number on the scale and feeling the way I felt for months, I knew I had to make a change. It’s funny how things work out when they are meant for you. I knew that Muna was starting her own personal training business and I knew it was my sign to get started. Whenever you take this first step too investing in yourself, it’s important to do it with someone you trust and for me that was Muna, 100%. 

Right off the bat she asked me what my goals were, what my habits are now and she worked to put together a program for me that has sparked a new love for fitness in my life. I was always taught that fitness needs to be a certain amount of time doing certain things. Muna made fitness FUN for me again. Through jump rope and weight training, my strength has increased so much and so has my enjoyment while doing it. 

I’ve been on this journey with Muna for 4 months now. I am down 12 pounds and see more changes in my body daily. It’s exciting and makes me want to keep going. Seeing Muna push herself on social media is definitely a factor in me pushing myself. If you are looking to make a serious life change for yourself, and nobody else, Muna is your girl. She will be with you 100% of the way, she will check in, make adjustments and do what is needed for you. If you’re reading this and want this change for yourself, this is your sign. Message Muna and watch the changes flow!
- Chelsea

I messaged Muna a couple months ago because I hit a wall with my fitness. My diet was rubbish, I felt tired all the time and my motivation to even get started was at an all time low. Muna was more patient with me than I ever was with myself. She held me accountable every single step of the way - even when life was too shitty for me to turn up to a session, she was always present and reminding me I'm a QUEEN! Her slo mo videos are an absolute game changer and are always personalized to what I need. I'm doing things with a skipping rope that I never dreamed I could do.


I had been jumping rope for just about a year when I saw Muna started coaching online. I felt like I had hit a plateau and was getting increasingly more frustrated rather than enjoying jumping. Not only that, I lacked consistency in all of my self care. After working with Muna twice a week for about 4 months now, I can finally say that not only am I more diligent with my nutrition and self care. But my overall endurance and mental grit has improved. She leads by example and has become more than a coach but a real friend from over 2800+ miles away. She has helped me be accountable in a way that is not “reliant” on her but inspired by her and has actually stuck with me. I highly recommend Muna if you are looking for her expertise in jump roping, but know that you are actually getting so much more from her coaching. Her unique ability to connect, help you stay positive and accountable from so many miles away is truly unmatched.